QA and QC Course

QA & QC Course

Ready to excel in the high-demand fields of Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC)? World Wide NDT Institute in Noida, India, provides industry-leading training that prepares you for a successful career in ensuring quality and reliability across various sectors.

Why Choose World Wide NDT Institute for QA and QC Courses?

  • Global Standards: Our courses align with international quality standards, making your certification recognized globally. Elevate your credentials and open doors to international career opportunities.

  • Practical Training: Dive into hands-on learning with real-world scenarios. Our training emphasizes practical skills that directly enhance your capabilities in quality testing and inspection.

  • Advanced Resources: Learn using the latest technology and tools in QA and QC. Our state-of-the-art labs are equipped to give you a cutting-edge learning experience.

  • Flexible Learning Options: We respect your schedule. Choose from full-time, part-time, or weekend courses to suit your lifestyle without compromising your learning needs.

  • Career-Focused Curriculum: Our courses are meticulously designed to meet the current demands of employers worldwide. Train with us and become the quality assurance and control expert the industry seeks.

Join World Wide NDT Institute’s QA and QC courses today and be part of a community that prides itself on maintaining and enhancing industry standards across the globe.

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What you will Learn in Our QA and QC Course

  • QA/QC Mechanical
  • QA/QC Welding
  • QA/QC Piping

QA/QC Course Fees in World wide NDT Institute

  1. QA/QC Course Fees: Contact Us For Course Details
  2. Qualification Required: Preferably Engineering/Diploma Graduates/ 12TH
  3. QA/QC Course Duration: 35 Days
  4. Course Start: Every Monday Classroom @ 10:00 a.m & Online @7:00 pm

Course Overview

What is QA/QC Course ?


Quality assurance (QA) is a method used to ensure that a product or service meets the required standards. It involves setting specific requirements for the development or manufacturing of products. The purpose of a QA system is to boost customer trust and enhance a company’s reputation. Additionally, it helps improve work processes and efficiency, making the company more competitive. This systematic approach not only checks if the products are up to par, but also refines the way they are made to ensure consistent quality.

Quality control (QC) is a process used by businesses to maintain or enhance the quality of their products. It involves setting up a work environment where both management and employees aim for excellence. This is achieved by training staff, establishing quality standards for products, and conducting tests to ensure these standards are consistently met. By regularly checking for significant variations in product quality, companies can make adjustments to maintain high standards and deliver reliable products.

QA/QC course can benefit various professionals in different roles:

  • Safety Engineers
  • Construction Managers
  • Metallurgists
  • Materials Engineers
  • Welding Engineers
  • Pipeline Inspectors
  • Aircraft Inspectors

What is Penetrant Testing?

Penetrant testing, also known as Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI) or Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI), is a non-destructive testing method used to detect surface-breaking defects in non-porous materials such as metals, plastics, and ceramics. The process involves cleaning the surface of the material, applying a visible or fluorescent dye, allowing the dye to seep into any surface defects, removing any excess dye, and then applying a developer to draw the dye out of the defects, making them visible under ultraviolet light or by the naked eye. This method is highly effective for identifying even very small surface cracks and imperfections.

Yes, NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) is considered a good career choice for several reasons. It plays a crucial role in ensuring safety and reliability in various industries, including aerospace, manufacturing, construction, and oil and gas. This field offers diverse opportunities for growth and specialization in techniques such as ultrasonic, radiographic, and magnetic particle testing. Additionally, NDT professionals are in high demand globally, which can lead to stable employment, competitive salaries, and the potential for significant professional development. The job also offers the satisfaction of contributing to public safety and quality assurance in product manufacturing and infrastructure

The highest level of certification in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is Level III. This level represents the pinnacle of expertise and authority in the NDT field. NDT Level III professionals possess comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices of NDT methods applicable within their certification. They are responsible for establishing techniques, interpreting codes, and for the oversight of NDT operations. Level III certification enables professionals to train and examine candidates for Levels I and II, provide expert consultation, and develop NDT procedures and techniques. This level of certification often requires a significant amount of education, experience, and passing rigorous examinations administered by recognized certification bodies such as the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) or equivalent organizations worldwide.

Yes, there are typically prerequisites for enrolling in NDT courses, although these can vary depending on the level of training and the specific program

  1. Level I Courses:

    • Educational Background: A high school diploma or ITI .
    • Experience: No prior NDT experience is typically required for Level I courses, making it suitable for beginners.
  2. Level II Courses:

    • Educational Background: Btech/Diploma or Any Graduate or 12TH Passout

The 5 most important types of NDT are the following,

  • VT – Visual Testing
  • MT – Magnetic Particle Testing
  • PT – Penetrant Testing
  • UT – Ultrasonic Testing
  • RT/DR – Radiographic Testing and Digital Radioscopy

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